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Spreader Systems

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Allen Dinghy Spreader End Cap

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen Dinghy Spreader End Cap - Fits A0791 Allen Aerofil Spreader

£3.20 *
In stock

Allen Mast Swing Spreader Root

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen Mast Swing Spreader Root

£4.80 *
In stock

Selden Spreader Bolt Kit

Selden_Logo Selden's Spreader Bolt Kit

£7.80 *

Selden T60 Spreader End Plug

Selden_Logo Selden T60 Spreader End Plug

£10.25 *

Allen 486mm Dinghy Spreader

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen 486mm Dinghy Spreader including End Caps  - Red or Silver

£32.10 *

Selden T90 Spreader End Plug

Selden_Logo Selden T90 Spreader End Plug - 4-5mm or 6-8mm Wire Diameter Options

From £26.60 *

Selden P70 Spreader End Plug

Selden_Logo Selden P70 Spreader End Plug

£31.55 *

Selden T105 Spreader End Plug

Selden_Logo Selden T105 Spreader End Plug - 7-8mm Wire Diameter

£34.60 *

Allen Spreader Angle Adjuster

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen Spreader Angle Adjuster

£39.15 *

Selden P95 Spreader End Plug

Selden_Logo Selden P95 Spreader End Plug

£42.60 *

Selden P117 Spreader End Plug

Selden_Logo Selden P117 Spreader End Plug - 7-10mm Wire Diameter

£100.90 *

Selden T131 Spreader End Plug

Selden_Logo Selden T131 Spreader End Plug - 8-10mm or 12mm Wire Diameter Options

£113.90 *

Selden Spreader Bottlescrew Adjuster Kit

Selden_Logo Selden Spreader Bottlescrew Adjuster Kit

£122.90 *

Allen Spreader Bracket with Adjustable Barrels

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen Spreader Bracket with Adjustable Barrels 

£185.90 *

Selden Fully Adjustable Spreaders 425mm

Selden_Logo Selden's Fully Adjustable Spreaders 425mm

£217.90 *

Selden Fully Adjustable Spreaders 375mm

Selden_Logo Selden's Fully Adjustable Spreaders 375mm

£227.90 *

Selden Fully Adjustable Spreaders (Flying 15) 400mm

Selden_Logo Selden's Fully Adjustable Flying 15 Spreaders 400mm

£237.90 *

Selden Fully Adjustable Spreaders 400mm

Selden_Logo Selden's Fully Adjustable Spreaders 400mm

£238.90 *

Selden Fully Adjustable Spreaders 450mm

Selden_Logo Selden's Fully Adjustable Spreaders 450mm

£243.90 *

Selden Fully Adjustable Spreaders 475mm

Selden_Logo Selden's Fully Adjustable Spreaders 475mm

£252.90 *
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