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Allen Small Halyard Jam Cleat - 65mm

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's Small Jam Halyard Cleat - 65mm - takes a maximum line of 6mm

£0.85 *
In stock

Allen 62mm Nylon Open Cleat

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's 62mm Nylon Open cleat - designed more for securing thin lines that require little adjustment

£0.94 *
In stock

Allen Large Halyard Jam Cleat - 92mm

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's Large Jam Cleat - 92mm

£1.13 *

Allen 100mm Acetal Resin Mast Cleat

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's 100m Acetal Resin Mast Cleat - also usable as a deck cleat

£1.93 *
In stock

Allen 133mm Nylon Open Cleat

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's 133mm Nylon Open Cleat

£3.30 *

Allen 155mm Nylon Open Cleat

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's 155mm Nylon Open Cleat

£6.05 *

Allen 99mm Nylon Open Cleat (Pair)

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's 99mm Nylon Open Cleat - the multi-tool of open cleats

£4.05 *

Allen 200mm Nylon Open Cleat

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's 200mm Nylon Open Cleat

£8.74 *
In stock

Allen 100mm Aluminium Mast Cleat

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's 100mm Aluminium Mast Cleat - this cleat is not suitable as a deck cleat due to the curvature of the base plate

£11.50 *

Allen 139mm Aluminium Mast Cleat

Allen-Logo_CLEANED Allen's 139mm Aluminium Mast Cleat - not suitable as a deck cleat due to curvature of the baseplate

£13.15 *

Proboat Cleatboot

Proboat_Logo Proboat Cleatboot Pair

£20.75 / pair(s) *
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