Tikal Marine Systems

Tikal Marine Systems

Tikal are a German manufacturer of Quality Sealants, Adhesives and Chemicals for use within the Marine and Industrial industries.

They specialise in the production and sale of products for professional boat building.

Founded in 2006 initially developing it's own adhesive and sealing products, Tikaflex.

Tikal have gone on to develop a range of Epoxy & Polyester based fillers, as well as the in house manufacture of Tef Gel products. Tikal sealants, adhesives and chemicals are well proven within industry, with Lloyds approval on many of them, giving the user peace of mind that a Tikal product is built to last and withstand the most extreme of environments.

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Tikal Marine Tikalflex Contact 12 Mini - 70ml

Tikal_Marine_Logo Tikalflex Contact 12 Mini - 70ml - Black or White and ideal for the quick jobs around the boat

£5.25 *

Tikal Marine 250ml Teak Deck Cleaner & Restorer

Tikal_Marine_Logo Tikal Marine 250ml Teak Deck Cleaner & Restorer - Tough on dirt but gentle on teak

£6.90 *

Tikal Marine Tikalflex Contact 12 290ml Cartridge

Tikal_Marine_Logo Tikalflex Contact 12 290ml Cartridge - Available in Black, Grey or White

Tikal Marine Tef-Gel 10g Tube & Brush Pack

Tikal_Marine_Logo Tikal Marine Tef-Gel 10g Tube & Brush Pack - Prevents rusting and water penetration

£9.40 *
In stock

Tikal Marine Tikalflex 300ml Teak Seam Caulk Sealant

Tikal_Marine_Logo Tikalflex 300ml Teak Seam Caulk Sealant - Available in Grey (Black or White - order with VR Super Store only)

Tikal Marine Magic Clean Eraser

Tikal_Marine_Logo Tikal Marine Magic Clean Eraser - Removes stubborn stains from GRP, windows, inflatable dinghies, fenders, covers...the list is long!

£27.20 *

Tikal Marine Tef-Gel 60g Tub

Tikal_Marine_Logo Tikal Marine Tef-Gel 60g Tub - Prevents galvanic corrosion

£33.65 *
In stock
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