Splicing Tools

Splicing Tools

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Marlow Ropes - Tape

Marlow Ropes - Reel of Tape - Use when splicing or hot knifing rope for a professional clean cut look.

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Marlow Ropes - Riggers Splicing Needle Small

Marlow Ropes - Riggers Splicing Small Needle

£8.20 *

Marlow Ropes - Swedish Fid

Marlow Ropes Swedish Fid - Small or Large - Old school splicing 

From £8.90 *
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Marlow Ropes - Sailmakers Palm

Marlow Ropes Sailmakers Palm - Great addition to the splcing toolbox and saves a lot of pain!

£10.15 *
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Marlow Ropes - Riggers Splicing Needle Large

Marlow's Riggers Splicing Large Needle

£10.30 *
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Marlow Ropes - Excel Splicing Needle

Marlow Ropes Excel Splicing Needle - Perfect tool for splicing and tapering

£13.95 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Splicing Guide

Marlow Ropes - Splicing Guide

£15.30 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - William Smith Mixed Needles 13-19

Marlow Ropes - William Smith Allsorted Sail Makers Needles - Pack of five 

£15.90 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Kiteline Splicing Needle

Marlow Ropes - Kiteline Splicing Needle - Ideal for the 1.3mm to 2mm Dyneema Lines

£19.50 *
In stock

Marlow Ropes - Splicing Tool Roll

Marlow Ropes - Splicing Tool Roll - Tough and resilient for all your splicing tools.

£46.30 *

Marlow Ropes - Splicing Kit

Marlow Ropes Splicing Kit - Ideal starter pack for anyone looking at working with rope 

£49.50 *

Marlow Ropes - Yachtsmans Splicing Roll

Marlow Ropes - Yachtsperson Splicing Roll - Great starter pack for any aspiring crew 

£87.60 *

Marlow Ropes - Hot Knife with Box and Blade

Marlow Ropes - Hot Knife with Box and Blade - UK Power

£132.30 *

Marlow Ropes - Cordless Hot Knife

Marlow Ropes - Cordless Hot Knife - The ultimate friend to any sailor and made for working in the dinghy park or on the boat

£194.90 *

Marlow Ropes - Dyneema Whipping Twine Spool

Marlow Ropes - Dyneema Whipping Twine Spool - 0.9mm and 1.1mm (Available in Black, White, Red and Blue)

From £21.90 *
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