Full range of inshore and keelboat clothing for all conditions.


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Forward WIP Sailing Quick Dry Short Sleeve T Shirt

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Quick Dry Short Sleeve T Shirt - Ideal for the summer days on the boat, kayak or board

£27.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing Quick Dry Long Sleeve T Shirt

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Quick Dry Long Sleeve T Shirt - SUP, Sail or Paddle

£38.90 *

Gill Womens Crew Polo Shirt

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Womens Crew Polo Shirt - Four colour range and perfect for branding

£41.90 *

Gill Mens Crew Shorts

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Mens Crew Shorts - Three colours and ideal for inshore or cruising around the Med

£59.90 *

Gill Womens Crew Shorts

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Womens Crew Shorts - Three colours and perfect for running around the Caribbean 

£59.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing Puffer Jacket

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing Puffer Jacket - Lightweight but very warm

£79.90 *

Gill Pilot Trouser

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Pilot Trouser - Great over trouser protection for inshore sailing and racing.

£83.90 *

Gill Race Vision Bi-Focal Sunglasses

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Race Vision Bi-Focal Sunglasses - Two colours and +1.50 & +2.50 lenses

£83.90 *

Gill Crew Team Lite Gilet

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Crew Team Lite Gilet - Designed for the summer cruising the coast

£99.90 *

Gill Pro Salopettes

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Pro Salopettes - Ideal for dinghy or keel boat sailing

£104.90 *

Gill Womens Pro Salopettes

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Women's Pro Salopettes - Great all weather protection for keel boat or dinghy female sailors

£104.90 *

Gill Mens Crew Lite Jacket

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Mens Crew Lite Jacket - Casual jacket on or off the water and brandable

£109.90 *

Gill Womens Crew Lite Jacket

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Womens Crew Lite Jacket - Used as a mid layer or outer jacket with four colour range

£109.90 *

Gill Race Mens Trousers

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Race Mens Trousers - Blue or Grey - UV Protection and reinforced in all the right places

£114.90 *

Gill Race Softshell Mens Jacket

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Race Softshell Mens Jacket - Modelled by Chris Draper and used by the UK SailGP team

£134.90 *

Gill Mens Coastal Trousers

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Mens Coastal Trouser - Ideal for Inshore or Coastal with great protection for the elements

£144.90 *


You save £10.10

Gill Womens Coastal Trousers

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Women's Coastal Trousers - Coastal or inshore sailing waterproof salopettes

£154.90 *

Forward WIP Sailing Windbreaker Jacket

Forward_WIP_Logo Forward WIP Sailing's Windbreaker Jacket - Warm, breathable and waterproof

£172.90 *

Gill Mens Crew Navigator Jacket

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Mens Crew Navigator Jacket - Branding friendly and designed for barmy evenings on the deck or bar

£164.90 *

Gill Womens Crew Navigator Jacket

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Womens Crew Navigator Jacket - Hooded and great summer jacket either onshore or on deck

£164.90 *

Gill Navigator Mens Jacket

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill Navigator Jacket - Men's warm, lightweight, waterproof jacket for all outdoor activities

£169.90 *

Gill Mens Coastal Jacket

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Mens Coastal Jacket  - Entry level coastal/inshore waterproof jacket

£182.50 *


You save £17.50

Gill Womens Coastal Jacket

Gill_Logo_2022 Gill's Women's Coastal Jacket - Entry level ladies yachting jacket for either coastal or inshore

£182.50 *


You save £17.50
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